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Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum and maximum  ?

The minimum is 2 people the maximum is 25 people.


How is the quote done?

The quote is based on the amount of people, travel distance, menu cost . Lower amount of people will make the quote more expensive , this is due to not be able to dilute the costs of travel and ingredients.

What is the price range?

Well that really depends on several factors , but as reference 10 people will cost between £35 to £45 per person, this can go up or down depending on distance, amount of people and menu. Every case is unique .


What is the maximum distance you travel?

That really depends on you, I will give you a quote with travel costs already in mind, but i normally work in Kent, London, Brighton, Essex . But I can travel further, the best way is to get a quote .

Will you need any special equipment?

No, I only need a working oven, working hob and basic pots and pans. I take most of the equipment with me.

 How about plates and cutlery ?

I will use the ones you give to me, but you have the option to rent them from me. Note that i only supply plates and cutlery NOT glasses.

What time will you arrive?

I normally arrive at the property 3 to 4 hours in advance , this is because all the food is cooked from scratch and with only fresh ingredients.

How about drinks?

You are responsible for the drinks, if you want me to supply drinks, this will be quoted separately.

How about the kitchen cleaning ?

I will leave your kitchen clean and tidy at the end of your event.

Do we all need to eat the same?

No, but I will request you that the majority of the group as the same thing, i understand that sometimes we have people in the group that don't like something or is following a diet or even as an allergy, in this case i will cater for them . But lets try to keep the food options as similar as possible to all the group to make it easier to produce fresh and quality food.

Are all ingredients included and travel costs?

Yes all ingredients are included and the quote is already with all the travel costs in mind.

Will you be working alone?

Normally up to 10 people I will do it alone, unless you request for a waiter ( extra charge). For more than 12 people the quote already includes a waiter to make the service easier and quicker.

If you have any question that is not in this FAQ section, feel free to contact me on

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